Mind-Body Connection

Why is this so important to our health and wellbeing and what is the connection?

Put simply there are several things going on:

  1. The way we breathe has an enormous impact on both our health and our well being. Research shows that, for example, yoga - and the attention we place on our breathing during yoga - helps to boost mood, reduce anxiety and depression due to increasing the amount of oxygen going to the brain and body which then improves the blood flow through the body and our digestive and immune systems.

  2. It is also based on focusing and concentrating our thoughts in our head and our breathing in our body - and eliminating negative thoughts. our breathing is the bridge between the body and the mind. 

  3. Self-expression is another recognised path towards improving the mind-body connection. Time engaged in poetry, music, art or drama, for example, helps to release thoughts and emotions from the body through means other than verbally.


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