Natural Presence (NP) founder Ms José Martin has established several charities over the years including:

  • The Dalston Youth Project

  • Chizuk and

  • Talking Matters

NP was borne out of a previous Voluntary Community Sector organisation Talking Matters Association (later Well being Centre (TMA). It was funded by the NHS under a Service Level Agreement from Public Health for 14 years providing preventative mental health services to the Orthodox Jewish community (OJC).

From 2001-2015 services and achievements included:


  • Writing the only 3 year Diploma in Counselling in the OJC which on first submission was:

    • Approved by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA)

    • Validated by the Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB) and

    • Financially supported by Hackney Community College

    • Franchised out to a Jewish college

Nineteen women returning to work enrolled on the course, 16 completed, 15 passed and we are still working with 5 of them as this was a long term investment in the OJC to train and create “Kosher” counsellors with implicit cultural and linguistic insight.

  • Providing the 1st ever culturally sensitive counselling service to the OJC in the UK

  • Group services included:

    • Dance Movement Therapy for men and Creative Writing for boys - NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training) to Making Music groups in mental health residential homes

    • 2 CDs on Understanding the OJC and Understanding Addictions

    • 2 books on the OJC and Addictions

    • 2 research papers on:

  • At our zenith we employed a Consultant Educational Psychologist, 30+ therapists and researchers, provided 10 weekly group outreach sessions and were able to provide an average of 2,500 one to one therapy sessions per annum

  • From 1992 when the first Cultural Awareness Training Seminars (CATS) were set up, till now, Ms Martin and the team have provided countless seminars on understanding the Orthodox Jewish community in:

    • London and the Home Counties
    • Manchester

    • Gateshead

  • In the last year of operation (2015-16) TM worked with 96 individuals very successfully providing one to one physical and emotional therapies in the One Hackney & City programme providing a total of 522 sessions.


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