Q1  Are the services confidential?

All the practitioners are qualified and professional, therefore they are required to keep confidentiality at all times.

Q2 If I want one-to-one therapy, do I get to choose the type of therapy and who is doing it? 

All adults discuss the type of therapy and/or service at registration and depending on their needs can choose a male/female therapist, type of therapy and age-range of therapist.


Q3 Can I choose the place in which to have the therapy?

At registration you can discuss your preferences as to venue; in-house for Emotional and/or Physical therapies, in your own home for Physical therapies only. 

Q4 I can’t always commit to attending every week, is that OK?


Part of the process is about regularity and commitment to self, establishing and keeping to a regular routine. The expectation is that you will arrange to see the practitioner at the same time and day of every week for a minimum of 10 consecutive weeks. 


Q5  If I miss a session and forget to tell the counsellor do I have to pay?

As everyone forgets sometimes, once is okay. The requirement is to give the practitioner 24 hours notice. A cancellation at shorter notice requires payment. If there’s repeated non-attendance, subject to discussing the circumstances, we may have to consider discontinuing the service.


Q6 What do I have to pay, and can I pay online?

Please see section on Fees.


Q7 How long is a course of therapy?

Most clients (adults and children) are given 10 sessions to start. After 7 or 8 sessions if it can be seen that more sessions may be needed this is negotiable.




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